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I am an experienced and skilled film, television and games Computer Animator/Concept Artist with over ten years industry experience, working for a number of well-established companies. I have
worked on several notable computer games, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jambo and Monopoly. I have a good working knowledge of the process of Computer Games production and my specific professional experience encompasses 3D animation, 2D character and background design,storyboarding, animatics, rigging and skinning. I also have a little experience of 3D modelling/texturing. I feel that my greatest achievement as an Animator has been to work with Lucas Arts on a Star Wars Computer Game. In this job, I was required to animate a number of famous characters and vehicles, such as Han Solo, Darth Vader and Battle Droids. In all the companies I have worked for I have been part of a team-based environment, collaborating with Producers, Directors, Designers and Programmers to produce the highest quality Computer Games. As a character and background Designer and Storyboard Artist, I have also had experience of developing new ideas. In my current job role, for example, I was part of a team asked to develop a brand new Computer Game. We conceptualised the characters, environments,style, levels and narrative, which were then discussed, appraised and accepted or rejected at frequent management meetings. This gave me a deeper insight into the development process. I
have had experience of directing and leading small teams. I directed a pitch for a television pilot for MTV and had overall responsibility for the whole process, from pre-production to the final edit and
render. This also involved managing a team of Animators and 3D Artists.

My Wife’s debut novel That Special Someone will be published by Blackbird Digital Books in Spring 2014. Ebook and paperback. This is the link http://blackbird-digitalbooks.com/tanya-bullock/


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